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HarleyDoc provides a private healthcare service for those who want the best treatments from carefully-vetted, highly qualified and experienced medical professionals.

Our CEO and founder is Dr Tony Banerjee, who was born into a medical family and is British-educated and medically-trained.

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Unit 616, Building 5,
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Port de Beaulieu, Boulevard du Général Leclerc, 06310 Beaulieu-sur-Mer, France

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It’s extremely hard to find a Doctor that is patient, kind and genuinely invested in the well being of their patient these days — Dr Banerjee exceeded expectations I never thought was possible. Before I was a patient of Dr Banerjee, I was in a very low place physically and mentally. I had a very poor experience at a previous practice and lost faith in the betterment of my health and the NHS overall. Although hesitant, I went ahead to try another practice in hopes that I could receive better support that would lead to an improvement to my health. Fast forward to today, I’m thankful that after 3 years my health has taken a positive turn, due Dr Banerjee’s support that has never fallen short of care, trust and professionalism. Thank you!


I am incredibly grateful to have been randomly allocated Dr Tony as my physician 7 years ago. Since our first meeting, I knew wherever he practiced, I would follow. His calm professionalism, charisma and dedication to getting positive results, has reassured me in my most anxious health moments. I am incredibly grateful to him, for I have always left his practice feeling optimistic and motivated, reassured that he always has my best interests at heart. I would recommend Dr Tony to anyone seeking first-class care with a genuine, one-of-a-kind, people-first doctor.

Miss Boorman

At age 73 I have lived and worked in several cities in England and as a consequence have had experience with quite a few NHS GPs. All, barring two unfortunate exceptions, were either good or very good. Not only was Dr. Tony Banerjee among the “very good”, he was easily the best GP I have had. The thing that sets Dr Banerjee head and shoulders above the rest is not his clinical expertise or concern for his patients, excellent though these are. Rather it is the warmth of his personality and his ability to put his patient at ease. I speak here as someone who has never liked having to visit the Doctor. Nevertheless an appointment with Dr. Banerjee felt more like a visit with an old friend one did not see often but always enjoyed. I have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Banerjee to all who appreciate such a high level of service.

Mr Riseam

During my time as a patient with Dr. Tony Banerjee I have been very impressed with the care and consideration I have received. Most of my early problems were linked to Hay fever, Asthma and Diabetes. Suitable tests were arranged to establish what allergens caused me to react and prescriptions given to help alleviate these problems. Similarly with Asthma the inhalers prescribed have this under control. With regard to Diabetes I was pleased to find that before any rush to medication I was encouraged to control blood sugar levels through diet. This has proved to be very effective and for some time now my blood sugar is in the normal range. Though this is something that is monitored at annual check ups. More recently in April 2022 Dr. Banerjee suspected from my symptoms that I might have cancer. With no hesitation or delay he referred me to a specialist at Guy’s Hospital and, under the target at that time, I was seen within two weeks. I was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma and started on a course of Chemotherapy soon after. Happily now the cancer is in full remission and I am beginning to feel better more each day (the chemo was quite gruelling). It is no exaggeration to say that Dr. Banerjee’s prompt action played a big part in securing my recovery. So, for anyone looking for a GP who is personable, approachable and focused on the needs of his patients, Dr. Banerjee comes highly recommended.

Mr HaYeung

Dr Banerjee has been my family’s GP for the past 8 years. He is kind, caring and extremely understanding. He takes time and is very thorough. I have been extremely fortunate that whenever I needed an appointment I was always able to see him. There are many Dr’s but not every Dr has the same care, compassion and understanding. I always leave feeling well looked after and more importantly listened to. He is a real asset to the NHS. Thank you so much for all your help and support over the years.

Miss Francis

I have meant to send this email for some time now, but life has thankfully got in the way and distracted me from doing so. I say ‘thankfully’ because it means that my life is now got back on an even keel since I last saw you three or four years ago. At the time I was a total mess and everything that could have gone wrong, had. As you know all too well, alcohol had become a massive problem and it eventually got so bad it very nearly killed me. In short, it was a hellish time. Anyway, the purpose of this email is not rehash old history, but rather to sincerely thank you for the huge help you gave both my wife and I during this time. In my view you saved my life. I am a very private person, and it was intensely difficult for me to have to admit and accept that my life was in bits and that I could not even manage to control a bottle of wine. The fact that this had all became public (albeit not widely) was very difficult for me to deal with. You were instrumental in navigating the situation. Apart from your obvious skills and qualifications as a doctor (which I undoubtedly put to the test!), what actually helped me most was your manner and attitude towards me. You acted as both my doctor and a friend. You were both entirely professional whilst also being unflappable, empathetic and 100% non-judgemental. It made dealing with all this so much more manageable. In sort, I will forever be in your debt, and your support and treatment helped me immeasurably during the worst period of life. With all my thanks,

Mr Hanly

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