Private GP services are provided by private healthcare providers, rather than the NHS. They offer a range of benefits over NHS GPs, including faster appointments, more choice, more privacy, and more flexibility. If you’re living in London or regularly in the city, it makes sense to access the services of a private GP clinic Harley Street as this is the prime location for medical providers in the city.

Let’s explore the advantages of private healthcare in more depth:

Faster Services

Private GPs typically offer much faster appointments than NHS GPs. This can be a major advantage if you are worried about a current health or medical issue. For example, you can often get a same-day appointment with a private GP, while waiting times for NHS GPs may take longer due to the pressure the system is under. Many private GP clinics will offer extended hours so you can arrange an appointment as a time that suits your schedule.

Longer Appointment Times

Unfortunately, most NHS doctors are limited to short 5–10-minute appointments to treat their patients. If you have more to discuss and need a more in-depth appointment this can be very difficult to arrange. With a private GP you can enjoy longer appointment times. You will also have more freedom and time to thoroughly discuss any health complaint.

Consistent care

With a regular GP surgery you may see a different doctor at every appointment. While this is not always negative for some patients it really helps to have the same doctor every time and build up that stronger relationship with a professional who understands and knows you and your health needs.

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Private GP services offer a number of advantages including faster appointments, more convenience and consistent care from the same named doctor every time. Private practices may also be able to quickly arrange additional tests and specialist appointments due to their network of private clinicians to call upon.

HarleyDoc offers private healthcare in Harley Street in London. Patients can arrange an appointment at a time that suits them. Yo will enjoy the consistent service and care of their named doctor. Our patients enjoy their own named HarleyDoc General Practitioner with at least ten years of post-qualification experience. They will be contactable for telephone consultations, video consultations and face-to-face consultations and our aim, depending on where our doctors are, is that your query will be responded to within three hours of us receiving it.

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