Private GP / Concierge Medicine

Private General Practice has been around for a long time, but not like this.

You will have your own named HarleyDoc General Practitioner with at least ten years of post-qualification experience, who will be responsible for your health and that of your family too as required. They will be contactable for telephone consultations, video consultations and face-to-face consultations and our aim, depending where our doctors are, is that your query will be responded to within three hours of us receiving it.

We charge £100 for a half-hour consultation or part thereof – this is payable at the time of booking and any additional prescriptions, investigations or referrals will be chargeable items thereafter.

There is also the option to subscribe to HarleyDoc’s services on an annual basis for £1000 per person per annum, which is by application only.

Terms and conditions apply.

women's health

Women’s Health

HarleyDoc’s Director of Women’s Health is a highly-experienced Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist who has twenty years of working in her industry and we are proud that she is bringing that wealth of expertise to our clients suffering with both commonly-occurring presentations as well as more complex chronic health conditions.

Prices are dependent on individual requirement and on a consultation basis.

Men’s Health

We recognise that men often present much later with their problems to medical professionals for a variety of reasons, and we empathize with the pressure that men often find themselves under.

Our aim is to address this by providing a welcoming environment and having an open door policy where men can open up about their physical, psychological and emotional concerns at the earliest opportunity with a doctor familiar to them in a safe space.

Our men’s health checks are catered to your needs and will start with a thorough history and physical examination, as well as delving into any mental ill-health issues that may be impacting you detrimentally. We will then organize laboratory tests and scans based on your clinical need, before creating a bespoke management plan for you, finished with appropriate follow-up arrangements for you. We won’t be happy until your concerns are addressed.

Prices start at £200 – please get in touch for any further information.

Men's Health

Mental Ill-Health

HarleyDoc recognises mental wellness, or lack thereof, as equally if not more important that physical wellness, and moreover sees the way in which they are inextricably intertwined.

You cannot have one without the other. Over twenty-five years of experience working closely with mental health patients has given Dr Banerjee a unique insight into how to manage mental illness in a modern fast-paced society, where people can feel left behind and can then easily spiral out of control with symptoms of such illness. We are here to help in every sense, and work closely with world-class Psychiatrists and facilities alike, but can also work with your existing set up to offer further support.

Prices are based per consultation but also additional charges will apply for further management items, whether that be referrals or prescriptions.


HarleyDoc’s CEO and Medical Director, Dr Banerjee, has been practising Aesthetic Medicine since 2008 and has several multinational clients who have been with him from the start and travel from other continents to see him still to this day.

He specialises in non-invasive cosmetic treatments such as dermal fillers and wrinkle treatments, with an emphasis on skin rejuvenation and keeping you looking as youthful as you feel. His aim is for his clients to be able to have a treatment and look refreshed enough to be able to return to work immediately.

Prices start at £195 for one area of injectable, rising to £295 for two areas and £395 for three areas, with other more bespoke treatments available on request – just press the “Contact Us” button below.

Skin Surgery

HarleyDoc have several highly-qualified surgically-trained doctors who specialize in skin surgery, affectionately known as “lumps and bumps surgery”. Dr Banerjee himself has been performing such surgery to remove moles, cysts, warts for over a decade now, and will only employ doctors with a similar level of surgical experience to perform any such procedures at HarleyDoc.

You will be asked to send in some photos before being seen in an initial appointment to fully understand what it is that you require. You will be consented appropriately and made to feel at total ease throughout the procedure, before being given a comprehensive aftercare protocol, and if necessary, a follow-up appointment. Our aim is for you to remain a satisfied HarleyDoc client for life.

Price lists are subject to change depending on size of lesion and associated complexity of procedure, all of which will be explained transparently to you in the pre-consult.

Weight Management

HarleyDoc has several clinicians with decades of experience working with clients who suffer with weight issues, whether it be those clients struggling to lose weight, but also the oft-forgotten clients who are struggling to gain weight.

You will be treated at all times with respect and confidentiality, and our approach will be as bespoke to your needs as it needs to be, taking into consideration your diet, nutritional support, exercise regime and products. We work as a multidisciplinary team, including dieticians, lifestyle coaches and personal trainers, each selected for their professionalism, competence and flexible approach to their clients.

Prices are per consultation as above, and additional investigations and prescriptions will be charged as additional items.

Addiction Management

One of Dr Banerjee’s clear visions for HarleyDoc, as he brought healthcare into the modern era, was that there should be no taboo topics or conditions and that every illness be treated with the delicacy and sensitivity that is warranted and deserved.

As a client, you will never be judged, and we will work closely with you and whoever else you want to be involved, to help you with the complexities of addiction management, be that with alcohol, drugs or any other addiction that you might be suffering from. We work with some of the best rehabilitation units in the world, based around the United Kingdom, and further afield if required.

Prices are per consultation and individualised packages are available on request.

Therapy / Counselling

Recognizing the importance of good positive mental health, HarleyDoc works with highly-experienced and modern-thinking Psychologists, Psychotherapists and Counsellors to provide you with the most appropriate management for your condition – from social anxieties and phobias, right through to more deep-rooted conditions, which may require a more individualised approach to management.

Prices are based per consultation, and other charges may apply.

Sports Medicine & Physiotherapy

HarleyDoc is passionate about sports! Dr Banerjee himself was a keen rugby player before the inevitable injuries took their toll, following which he was the Club Doctor for a Super League rugby team.

This has led to a lifelong special interest in sports injuries and their management. He works closely with several full-time frontline doctors who cover everything from Premier League and Super League matches to the international circuits and World Cups, working with the most elite of athletes on a daily basis. He has partnered with both these doctors and highly-experienced Physiotherapists to provide a bespoke Sports Injuries service, whatever your need or competitive level that you play at.

Prices are on a consultation basis as above, but imaging, referrals and reports come at an additional charge, all of which is available via the contact us button below.

Long Covid Counselling

We have seen a phenomenal rise in cases of Long Covid from both an NHS and private perspective, and it is difficult to imagine the health burden that Long Covid is presenting to the public, given that until two years ago, no one in the profession had heard of it. Now we are seeing clients waiting up to two years to be seen by a Long Covid service on the NHS.

Dr Banerjee himself is a Long Covid sufferer, and has done a lot of research personally, but also works closely with some of the clinicians and academics at the forefront of Covid healthcare. This has given him a unique insight into the condition and is happy to share some of these management strategies that have helped him and many clients over the last two years.

Prices are per consultation as above.


HarleyDoc has managed to procure the services of a world-renowned Professor and Consultant Cardiologist, to see patients with any cardiac conditions. His specialities are in heart failure and hypertension but also in general cardiology.

We also have close ties with the private hospitals in Central London, and are able to organize inpatient admissions or outpatient investigations with ease.

Prices are based on a consultation basis with additional charges for specialist investigations and further management.


Our research showed that one of the areas that clients felt the NHS did not meet their needs on a recurrent basis was around fertility and issues that couples have getting pregnant.

Here at HarleyDoc, we are lucky enough to have a fantastic Consultant who specialises in fertility and is able to bring her level of expertise to our clients privately.

Prices are based on a consultation basis with additional charges for specialist investigations and further management.

Sexual Health & Psychosexual Counselling

One of the main aims when Dr Banerjee set up HarleyDoc was to help clients who were not served as well as they could be by the NHS.

We have doctors trained in Women’s Health, Men’s Health and General Practice, all of whom have encountered the long waiting times that patients have had to wait for sexual health, urological and psychosexual problems, and are keen to share their knowledge and management with our clients who are going through sensitive conditions that they are not being seen promptly for in the public sector.

Prices are on a consultation basis and individualised as required.

Occupational Health & Driving Medicals

Recognising the impactful importance of his clients’ occupations in their holistic healthcare, Dr Banerjee has created a bespoke approach to Occupational Health for HarleyDoc’s clinicians to help his clients return to work safely after a period of ill-health, and if requested, liaise with the employer to ensure that this is followed. He can perform this service for his private patients who are either self-funding or paying through their insurance companies, or to companies and employers alike.

Prices are per consultation and additional costs include report writing – please contact us for a more bespoke quote.

Travel Clinic & Advice

HarleyDoc Travel is a bespoke travel wellness service that caters for all its clients’ pre-travel preparations, and also any problems that they might face upon their return.

We can arrange all your vaccination and immunisation needs as well as catering for antimalarial prophylaxis and other requirements to enter certain geographic regions.

Prices are dependent on your exact requirement but feel free to contact us for a bespoke quote.