Why HarleyDoc?

We believe that nothing is more important than our client's health and wellbeing. We hope that you share the same view. Have you tried to get an appointment with your GP recently? We are seeing regular wait times of between five and six weeks for patients to see their GP on the NHS - the system is not working sadly, and this is where we at HarleyDoc see ourselves as the solution - we want you to be able to see or speak with your doctor when you need to the most - responsiveness and continuity are at the forefront of what we want to offer all of our clients. And we sincerely believe that nothing is more important than you being able to access that level of service when you need it for you and your family.

Why are we unable to see our GP on the NHS?

All the team at HarleyDoc have worked or still do some work for the NHS and we are passionate about it without doubt. We have seen year-on-year underfunding of the NHS and increasing costs of healthcare and technology, as well as winter pressures becoming year-round pressures, not to mention the financial burden of the Covid pandemic. We recognise that as patients, you should not have to suffer because of these factors, many of which are out of our hands. So we are offering patients the option to get the help they need at the time they want it, and we aim to have you speaking with a doctor within three hours of your query first reaching us. 

Why does HarleyDoc not offer other specialties in addition to those on the website?

We have been asked this recently - we are an organisation who are growing rapidly but we want to take our time selecting the right specialists who share the same vision as we do at HarleyDoc, and this process takes time, so we will be adding to the specialties that you can access, but in the interim, get in touch and we will be able to make the correct recommendation for you. 

How can the public be sure of the quality of the doctors that we are seeing?

HarleyDoc recognises the requirement for high-quality healthcare from well-experienced professionals - we will only work with doctors who are at Consultant-level i.e. are at the pinnacle of their careers and GPs with at least ten years of post-qualification experience - this means that any doctor that you see at HarleyDoc will have a wealth of experience on which to call when dealing with you.